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1 Forum Registration on 5th January 2009, 03:46


Grand Master
Grand Master
Hello Friends,

These forums are for the sole use of Flames of Westernesse Kinship on Laurelin server.
Anyone registering please use your main characters name as user name.

FoW members please register and await authentication. It should not take longer then a day but if so please send a in game tell or mail to either Ysadora, Neithwen, Kiti or any of the officers can get in touch with me easily.

These procedures have been put in place to allow only our members access.
Once registered you can sign in using your user name and password.
You are then free to start a thread or post a reply to the numerous threads here.

FoW members please visit and read the Kinship Rules and our Looting Policy as it governs how we run our kinship.
Also Kinship Chat and RL Stuff are especially good places for everyone to visit.


If you want to add a calender event then go to the calender button at the top and find the date you want to add your event. Click on the add event icon next to the date and you will open a new thread. Add the title of your event and then as much info as possible for your event including the date, time and meeting place. Once you added your info press the send button and your thread can be viewed via the calender and also the calender forum.



Party on Dudes!!!

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